MCC TV Friday Schedule


 6:00 AM      Journal World News

  6:03 AM      Germany Today: Window on Germany

  6:15 AM      In Focus

  7:00 AM     DWTV

  8:00 AM     Journal World News

  8:15 AM     Quadriga: The International Talk Show

  9:00 AM     Journal World News

  9:30 AM      People and Politics

10:00 AM     Journal World News

10:15 AM     In Focus

11:00 AM     UCan2 with Dave Stradal

11:30 AM     Tech Talk with Jeff Stipes

12:00 PM     Journal World News

12:15 PM     World Stories: International Reporters

  1:00 PM      Journal World News

  1:03 PM      Germany Today: Window on Germany

  1:15 PM      In Focus

  2:00 PM      Journal World News

  2:03 PM      European Journal

  2:30 PM      Euromaxx: Lifestyle Europe

  3:00 PM      Journal World News

  3:30 PM      Global 3000: The Globalization Program

  4:00 PM      Journal World News

  4:15 PM      World Stories: International Reporters

  5:00 PM      MAISD-Today in Education

  5:30 PM      Muskegon in Motion

  6:00 PM      Journal World News

  6:03 PM      Euromaxx: Lifestyle Europe

  6:30 PM     Drive It! The Motor Magazine

  7:00 PM      Journal World News

  7:15 PM      World Stories: International Reporters

  8:00 PM      Journal World News

  8:30 PM      PopXport: The German Music Magazine

  9:00 PM - 6:00 AM DWTV




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