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Vol. 1, No. 5 - May/June 1996

Browsing Collection

By Carol Briggs-Erickson

For many years, our periodical collection has been shelved in closed stacks (not freely accessible to patrons). Patrons who wish to check out a journal simply request the issue from the student at the lower-level circulation desk.

This procedure ensures that issues are accounted for and easily retrieved. It also allows statistics to be kept regarding usage patterns. However, this does not lend itself well to browsing the magazine and journal covers for potential reading.

Therefore, we have established a browsing collection of periodicals. The magazines and journals in this collection are donations from faculty, staff and patrons who wish to make their newly used magazines available to others or who donate funds to underwrite a browsing collection subscription.

Do you subscribe to a magazine or journal that you feel our students would benefit from? If you wish to donate your recent issues to this new collection, send them to Brenda McClain or call Brenda (x492) for more details.

The new collection is on the lower level near the circulation desk. A few of the titles currently on display are: Country Journal, Skin Diver, The Atlantic Monthly, PC Computing, Stereo Review, Michigan Outdoors, Golf Digest and The Public Relations Strategist.


Newspapers Move

Daily issues of The Chicago Tribune and The Grand Rapids Press are also part of the browsing collection. The other newspapers: The Wall Street Journal, The Muskegon Chronicle, The New York Times, and Business and Employment Weekly are now located behind the lower-level circulation desk as are the back issues of The Chicago Tribune and The Grand Rapids Press. Ask the student at the desk for the issue you need.


U of M Intern

We have agreed to work with the School of Information at the University of Michigan in directing a field experience of one of their students. The student, Sandra Percy Kommit, will be with us during the spring semester.

Sandy has an R.N. degree from Providence Hospital of Nursing and has worked in the health field for the past 25 years. She also has a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies with emphasis in children's and young adult literature from Grand Valley State University.

Sandy will be developing and presenting our nursing student orientation scheduled for July 22nd. Twice a year the librarians participate in Darlene Collet's nursing student orientation program. The library orientation covers the various medical reference sources and their classification and organization schemes.

Sandy will also be working at the reference desk and other areas of the library.

We are happy to have the opportunity to work with Sandy and will all be participating in making her time with us a rewarding experience.


CD-ROM Corner

Our CD-ROM printer was recently updated to a laserjet printer that is located at the upper-level circulation desk. With this change came the charge of 10 cents per page. After making copies from the CD-ROM or First-Search stations, patrons pick up and pay for their copies at the circulation desk. Many students prefer to download the large bibliographies and full text articles as ASCII files to their own floppy disks.

Our CD-ROM statistics show constant and sharp increase in usage over the past year. As students are becoming more familiar with the versatile search capabilities and the ease of downloading text, Academic Abstracts continues to be the most-used CD-ROM.

According to statistics kept over the past year, our Books in Print CD-ROM is second-most used. Usage is followed by PhoneDisc, The Detroit News, and The New York Times.


Internet Interchange

Commonly asked questions about the Internet.

Now that I have an email account, what can I do?

In addition to being able to quickly send electronic mail to family, friends and colleagues all over the world, you can join electronic discussion groups. There are tens of thousands of these groups covering a multitude of topics; so, there are probably several that will appeal to you. Everyone who is electronically signed on to a particular discussion group receives a copy of each message sent to the group.

Many of these groups are listed at the Liszt site. It is possible to do a keyword search through the 34,000+ groups listed at this site.

These discussion groups are handled by software such as "listserv", "mailbase", and "listproc" at specific sites. This is why many of these groups are simply refered to as listservs. Your subscription request must be sent to the discussion group's software, for example, listserv@site.

You may also subscribe to electronic journals. Many of these are free and many have no print counterpart. One of my favorites is Edupage which is sponsored by Educom and is issued three times a week. To subscribe to Edupage, send a message to: with the message: subscribe edupage your name (No subject is required.)

For a nice listing of electronic journals, see the new journals site.

Check These Out!

Selected and annotated by Roger Stoel

Statistical Record of Health & Medicine, edited by Charity Anne Dorgan, Gale Research, 1995.

This is a compilation of national, state, and municipal health statistics drawn from government, academic, association, trade, technical and media sources. It contains 961 statistical tables and includes some comparative statistics from selected foreign countries.

Coverage is over many areas of health including health care providers, expenditures, lifestyles and health status of Americans and health in the workplace.

Adding to its usefulness is a comprehensive keyword index.

Located in our REFERENCE collection:
RA 407.3 .S732


* * *

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, edited by Rudolph J. Vecoli et al., Gale Research, 1995.

This two-volume work is a comprehensive reference source on ethnic groups in the United States. It contains over 100 signed, original essays varying in length from 5,000 to 20,000 words.

Located in our REFERENCE collection:
E 184 .A1 G14 1995 V. 1-2

Barbara Daniell

Congratulations are in order for Barbara Daniell who recently received her Masters degree in Library and Information Science at Wayne State University. She worked on her degree over the last few years while working both in our library and on the reference staff at Hackley Public Library.

Barb deserves special congratulations for two additional accomplishments: she attained her degree with a 4.0 grade point average and she was inducted into Beta Phi Mu, the international library and information science honor society. In addition to high scholastic achievement, inductees demonstrate through their studies that they have the potential to contribute to the profession with a high level of service and leadership.

Barb is looking forward to enjoying her free time.


Student Opinions

Twenty-five class sections were recently chosen to participate in our Student Opinion Survey. This proved to be an extremely valuable survey and it should help us in our services, resources, and policy development.

Students were asked to complete the sentence: I would visit the library more if.... They were also asked to discuss any unsuccessful visits to the library and tell what had made their visit unsuccessful.

Our thanks again to the instructors who assisted us by administering the survey to their classes. Though we routinely collect data from the students who use the library, many students have not used the library or visit very infrequently. With the help of our instructors, we were able to reach those students and get their input.

We welcome ideas and suggestions for improvement throughout the year. You may send messages to the library staff via our online computer system. (See At Your Desk)


On Display

By Barbara Daniell

It's Spring! Time to think about raking the yard and mowing the lawn. But what to do with the leaves and lawn clippings? Try composting!

The benefits are many. Composting creates an excellent natural soil conditioner that is free. Composting takes a burden off of landfills and eliminates the need to haul away refuse.

It's easy if you know how. Included in the current book display in Umbreit Library are free booklets that explain how to compost in your own backyard. Stop in and pick one up.


At Your Desk

Many of you are using our online computer catalog from your offices. But, you may not know that this online system will do more for you than just find books and pamphlets in our library. It also allows you to send messages to the library staff, to query your account to determine what books you have out and when they are due, and to place interlibrary loan orders for materials not owned by Umbreit Library.

To access these features, logon to our system, then press F2 for the Public Access Menu. If you have problems in accessing our system, call Paula (x493).


Library Hours

Spring Semester
(April 29 - June 20)


Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
(Closed May 27)

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed Saturday/Sunday

Summer Semester
(June 24 - August 15)

Monday - Tuesday
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Wednesday - Friday
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Closed Saturday/Sunday


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Carol Briggs-Erickson

Contributing Editorial Staff:
Barbara Daniell
Roger Stoel
Robert Vanderlaan