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Vol. 1, No. 6 - July/Aug 1996

The R's Have It!

By Sandra Percy Kommit

The medical section, or books beginning with call numbers R through RZ, will get a real workout on July 22 as we present a Library Orientation Program to the 40 incoming nursing students. The two 90 minute programs scheduled for the afternoon will begin by providing students with informational packets and a brief overview of the collection, as well as search tools and strategies. A hands-on exercise will complete the program.

Our objective is to familiarize the students with the medical section. We also hope to share some new information and approaches that will enhance their research strategies, allowing them to find the information they need more quickly and efficiently.

The medical materials, accessible through the online catalog, include books, videos and pamphlets.

Journal articles, theses, and research reports can now be searched (and obtained) in a number of ways. In addition to the print indexes: The General Science Index and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), many nursing and medical citations are available in electronic format. MEDLINE is a powerful online database; and, Academic Abstracts on CD-ROM also contains citations and the full text of some medical research. (See Online Spotlight for more about MEDLINE and see CD-ROM Corner for more about Academic Abstracts.)

The collection is available to students in the health-related programs and to students, staff and the community for browsing, research, and general information.


* * *

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Carol Briggs-Erickson and the entire staff of the Umbreit Library for making my Internship a satisfying and valuable experience. Everyone was patient and generous in sharing their time and expertise. I've really enjoyed my time here at MCC!


Electronic Currents

By Carol Briggs-Erickson

With this issue, we close volume one of Currents. Over the past year we have received many comments, suggestions and feedback from MCC staff regarding the format and topics covered in Currents. This feedback assures us that Currents is achieving its mission of alerting Umbreit Library users of our services and resources.

As we plan for volume two and enter our second year, we will be adopting some of the ideas offered us. Therefore, beginning with our Sept/Oct issue, Currents will be available both electronically and in print. If you wish to continue receiving the print version of Currents, you needn't do anything. If you wish to receive Currents via e-mail, send a message to Carol; you will be added to our electronic mailing list. The electronic issue will be available approximately two weeks before the print version. You will not only receive the electronic issue sooner, you will help us save money, paper and supplies.


CD-ROM Corner

For our nursing students, allied health students, and others in need of medical information, Academic Abstracts on CD-ROM very often meets their needs.

Academic Abstracts contains indexing and article summaries to over 800 serial publications covering a wide variety of topics. The following are a few of the medical publications that are indexed in Academic Abstracts and which are available either in print or in electronic format at Umbreit Library:


  • Alcohol Health & Research World
  • American Journal of Nursing
  • American Journal of Psychiatry
  • American Journal of Public Health
  • Ardell Wellness Report
  • Gerontologist
  • Harvard Health Letter
  • Health Facts
  • JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association)
  • Lancet
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • RN

If the medical resources found on Academic Abstracts do not contain the information needed by the researcher, a MEDLINE search may be his or her next step. (For information on the MEDLINE database, see

Online Spotlight.

Internet Interchange

We have been using the Internet at the reference desk for some time now. Occasionally, questions that would not have been easily answered (or answered at all) using other resources were answered by accessing sites on the Internet. We have consequently added book marks, or favorite places, which are sites that were found helpful and had the potential to be useful in future reference desk activities.

We would like to share a few of those sites with our users who may also find them helpful:

  • Michigan Electronic Library (MEL) There is a wealth of information at this site. It is presented in subject order. One of its strengths is the Michigan information that is available.
  • Amazon Books. The site has a large listing of currently available book titles. It is searchable by author, title, subject and keyword.
  • Commercial Directory Large commercial directory of businesses with sites available on the Web.
  • Savvy Search We use this to locate information. It is an online program that searches for information on Web sites using popular search engines.
  • FTPSearch and Snoopie. We use these to find files that are available on the Internet.
  • The Newsstand (from Case Western Reserve). This site contains a listing of newspapers, magazines and books that are available on the Internet.


Check These Out!

Selected and annotated by Roger Stoel

Hoover's Guide to the Top Chicago Companies, Reference Press, 1996

Profiles all public companies in the Chicago region as well as all private companies with revenues over $200 million per year. Some foundations and other large nonprofit organizations are also included.

It includes indexes of brands, companies, and the people named in the profiles.

Located in our REFERENCE collection:
HG 4058 .C453 H66 1996


* * *

The Detroit Jobbank (the Jobhunter's Guide to Metropolitan Detroit), Adams, 1994

This reference book contains employer profiles of 2,700 businesses with corporate offices all over the state including Detroit, Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

Located in our REFERENCE collection:
HF 5382.75 .U62 M544 1994


* * *

The Chicago Jobbank (the Jobhunter's Guide to Greater Chicago, 1995), Adams 1995

Contains 4,200 employer profiles.

Located in our REFERENCE collection: HF 5382.5 .U62 I53 1995


Online Spotlight

Of the 60+ databases that are available to our patrons via FirstSearch, MEDLINE is the database of choice for the person interested in medical research. It contains thousands of citations to medical research written by specialists in countries all over the world.

We currently subscribe to 40 of the journals indexed in MEDLINE. But, most of the citations in MEDLINE include lengthy, descriptive abstracts about the articles.

Users of FirstSearch databases such as MEDLINE have the added option of e-mailing the search results to an e-mail address. There are many advantages to this method of delivery. It is used when a digital format is preferred, when the researcher does not have a disk, or if the researcher is not present during the actual search. MCC staff have already taken advantage of this option.


Library Publications & Student Opinions

We have finished assessing the spring semester student opinion survey and have begun to make changes in areas of the library that were indicated as problems by the students.

Bob Vanderlaan, our cataloger, has developed a brief outline of the Library of Congress classification system. This has been printed in pamphlet form and is available at the reference desk. The outline was compiled with the needs of our faculty, staff and students in mind. Stop by and pick one up or call the reference desk (x326) and we'll send one to you.

Our reference staff has developed a

research guide and checklist for students to use as they perform research in Umbreit Library. This guide, also available at the reference desk, gives a brief description of the search tools available in Umbreit Library: the online catalog, the periodical indexes (both print and electronic), and other reference databases.

for students to use as they perform research in Umbreit Library. This guide, also available at the reference desk, gives a brief description of the search tools available in Umbreit Library: the online catalog, the periodical indexes (both print and electronic), and other reference databases.

We also expect to post some new signs in the near future and are working on a detailed map.


On Display

By Barbara Daniell

Every four years the countries of the world come together in a chosen spot to do battle. These encounters are not fought with tanks or bombs, but with talent and dedication. They are the Olympics, being held this year in Atlanta, Georgia, from July 19 through August 4.

In honor of these games and the athletes who will participate in them, the Umbreit Library will have a display of books highlighting the Olympics, from their beginning in Greece in 776 B.C. to the modern games.

In addition to books about the history of the games, there are also books on the lives of Olympic medalists Peter Ueberroth and Greg Louganis.


New Journals Ordered

Due to the research needs of our staff and students and the changes in indexing and availability of periodicals, we have added the following periodical subscriptions this fiscal year:

  • Journal of African American Men
  • Masculinities
  • PC Computing
  • Community College Journal
  • Database
  • Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

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Umbreit Library Currents is published bimonthly by the staff of the Allen G. Umbreit Library at Muskegon Community College. It is distributed to faculty, staff and administrators of The College and to area libraries free of charge. It is available in print and electronic formats.

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Carol Briggs-Erickson

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